Monday, July 14, 2008

FatLace bikes ... introducing the FatLace ARC

I'm super excited to see this project finally launch , I approached the guys at FatLace almost a year ago about doing a line of track bikes for their store on Post St. in San-Francisco . So without further rambling's I give you the FatLace ARC !
Come check out the bikes at the FatLace 1 year party as well as their HellaFlush car show , Nemesis Project will be out in full force! -Brad
{text and photo's taken from}To kick off the 1YR Fatlace Store Anniversary, we’re introducing the ARC: A custom built track bike concepted by the fatlace crew to be spec’ed out like a traditional keirin frame and engineered and built by Nemesis Project. Built to handle the roughest streets of San Francisco. Available only to friends and family. Quantity 12 / 2 Colors Available. RAW or WHITE.

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