Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grow your own!

Well with a title like Grow your own I'm sure a few of you thought Brad's up to something illegal , but sorry none of that happy stuff made it into my garden this year .

Gardening , it's a great past time .. there really is something to be said for growing all your own vegetables , and more recently with the cost of food going up so much it's good to have a green thumb per say.
Here are a few shot's of my vegetable garden I built earlier this year , I dug out a ton of dirt all with shovel and wheel barrow then built a redwood planting box and filled it with 100% certified organic soil !

Closeup of the RedWood retaining wall I built to help enclose the garden area.

Here's a shot of all the dirt I shoveled out of the garden box , I could have built a pump track if it wasent for all thoes rocks !

Overview shot of the garden with a shot of my Ancho chlie plants

Sugar baby and Klondike Watermelon's planted next too Chrenshaw melon's just starting to grow .

Lettuce and tomato starter's

Keep checking back I'll be posting updates every few weeks letting people see the progress of what's growing .-Brad

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