Sunday, September 2, 2007

New bikes part#9 As the first Secret Agent hit's Japan we remember the Namaiki DSY the bike that started it all.

Happy to say this is this first Nemesis Project bike in Japan !
This beutiful Secret Agent belongs to our customer Matt . A funny thing about this sale is when he and I were originally discussing frame choices he had talked to me about a Death-Mobile but had never tried out 24" wheels . He mentioned in a Email that he would try to ride a NAMAIKI at the local skate-park .. crazy ! Namaiki you say ? No not that , this Namaiki later called RODO racing stuff in Japan .
WOW small world I said , this is when I mentioned that I also worked on the design and production of the Namaiki . This was my first 24" Hardtail design a bike I still very proud of .
Well there are still a few Namaiki DSY's being ridden around Tokyo which makes me very happy! The Namaiki was a very influential bike to many people not just myself , a very good concept a bit too early for it's time .

Now a new generation begins in Japan , as the Secret Agent arrives on the scene in Tokyo ! I'm very happy to have my new bikes being ridden along side my previous creations . Matt's bike is a excellent representation of what I and many other would consider a 'perfect built" Great Job Matt beautiful bike !!
Matt's bike has a very original build kit on it , this bike came out looking amazing I'm sure it rides ever better !
Great build featuring Gammut chain guide!! ,Rock shox Pike , Sram gearing and brakes , Thomson post , King headset , Brooklyn stem with color matched Nemesis Project bars this bike is built to rip !


bryce said...

So, are you selling the bikes? I don't get it? You have some good ideas, and solid looking shit, but your company seems more like an enigma. plans for production, a real website, etc. Love the colors.

Brad said...

Hi , thanks for the comments .
YEs we do sell bikes , all the frames are produced in limited QTY's
The real website with complete webstore is almost finished . Please stay tuned for further updates , or fell free to contact us directly .