Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nemesis Project Black Friday - cyber monday sale


Were having a Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale on the WEBSTORE .

Single item 10% - BLACKFRIDAY10
2 item's 15% - BLACKFRIDAY

Steveland Cleaner - NemTek w/ printed sticker kits for $600.00 On sale !

YO-WEEZZY bars 4in rise w/ cross bar $65.00

Steveland Cleaner -
Geo and sizing -

Yo-WEEZZY bars

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

S.F. bike expo - Best show year so far !!!

This past weekend was the S.F. Bike expo presented by Ride S.F.O, without fail Phil and everyone involved with the bike expo put on a very solid event every year.
This year seemed to be the best so far. With 2 days of cycling events like the AT showdown and Uproar FGFS comp’s, Industry expo hall and bicycle swap it's a jam-packed weekend and the RIDE SFO crew seems to pull everything off without a hitch.
Everyone was walking around with smiles and the good vibes were flowing around all weekend, it would be hard to find anyone who wasn’t having a great time!!

Nemesis Project had 2 booths going this year -
One inside in the Industry hall showing off all the new frames , Reaper components and giving out rider posters to the kids .

The new Sluggo frames were getting allot of attention , great photo of the Nem-Tek frame below.

The guys from roadbike review/ came bye and ever shot a quick virtual tradeshow booth video - LINK TO Watch Brad Levitate like David Blaine

Our other booth was outside at the Uproar FGFS comp selling T-shirt's , bars and a few closeout frames , Team Rider Andy Sparks was on hand all weekend signing posters for the fans .

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New bike dreams - Delivered to you by NemPro !

Customers always make issues with small companies about deliver times , but not even Boeing can deliver they state of the art Dreamliner 787 aircraft on time with basically unlimited funds and resources .

On thing I try to do for any of my customers who live close enough is personally deliver a your to you .
Last friday I had the opportunity to this for 2 customers Axle and Dylan .

TONY picked up our last 55cm Trackfighter

Dylan owns another pretty nice NemPro and wanted a custom BMX frame from us , so I was happy to help.
This is the second Nem-Pro 20" out there , these are super limited !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NEW Nemesis Project "Bloody Reaper " T's now IN-STOCK !

Pictured are our new Bloody Reaper T shirts now in stock at the WEBSTORE !!!
For $20.00 + shipping , all orders shipped the following day !

Here's a shot sent to us by our friend and world famous rock star Mickey Avalon !
Get your's now kid's !

Sluggo New for 2012 !

Here's a quick rundown on the new product offerings from us here at Nem-Pro for 2012 .
Were not ones to sit around being unproductive so expect to see more new products shortly but for now this is the new new .
( No I did not learn how to levitate like David Blane , the Sluggo is supporting my 170lbs of dead weight at the rear drops with no axle or support installed )

Sluggo -
Allot of work when into this frame , allot of work that will never show on the outside and we like it that way !
The Sluggo Nem-Tek and Sluggotherm both feature new proprietary tubes that we had manipulated to our spec's by a outside vendor . We wanted to move away from using off the shelf tubes that so many hobby builders and fly by night brands now have access too . The Sluggo represents the strongest FGFS frame we can build here at Nem-Pro !

Featuring :
- *Sluggo quad butted custom drawn tapered toptube

-*Custom tapered single butted ( NemTek ) and double butted ( Sluggo-therm ) seatstays

-Internal seattube gusset to strengthen frame @ seattube / seatstay area for 360’s , nose pivots and other aggressive FGFS tricks

-Open 14mm or fully closed 14mm dropout options .

-*U shaped chainstay and Box gusset designed for 2.35″+ tire size .

-*Available in Full NemTek or Sluggo-therm.
Sizes : 45cm / 50cm / 53cm
Sluggo-therm $750
NemTek $700
Colors – raw , white , trans red
*NemPro Proprietary tubes and materials
Available now at Nem-Pro Webstore

Sluggo - Tapered toptube 1 3/8 tapered to 1 1/8 similar to a baseball bat .
This is were the "sluggo" name comes from .

Sluggo Development pic's

Nemesis Project Summer tour -

Recently we took the team out for a summer trip out to Yosemite National park .
The trip was a outstanding success with one of the best crew ever !
Our new team had time to ride together and film one of the sickest edits on terrain never seen by FGFS before .
The crew consisted of the following riders after a few last minute changes due to a few of the team guys not being able to make it out for work reason .
Andy Sparks
Ronnie Govoruhk
Kenny "hellachunky" Chuong
Matt Dizon
Cody Thompson
Brad Hodges
Alberto Fox

The trip was supported by FatLace , DVS and S.P.S wholesale without the support from these companies this trip would not have been possible . Please follow these links and show them your support !

I will be posting Tour reports and photo's from the trip over the next few days so check back frequently .
One of the new toys the entire team seemed to be obsessed with is the Iphone APP Instagram
Follow us @

Here are a few of my favorite Instagram shots from the trip .

Brad in Tahoe

Alberto in action !

Brad's Steveland Cleaner S.L

Nem-Pro bike parking at Lower Yosemite falls

Andy and Matt playing around on a rock .

Andy and Kenny Chillin , DVS represent !

Kenny Rocking his new Nem-Pro Bloody Reaper Tank !

Big changes @ NemPro

First I must apologize for the lack of Blog updates , for day to day updates on everything Nem-Pro please check out our Facebook Page or follow me on Istagram @Brad4130

First off the big big news is all about our new Webstore !
There's been allot of talk online about deliver times recently not just our brand but it seems like every small company is getting attacked this year over delivery times . Due to these concerns we have changed the ordering process here at Nemesis Project cycles . All product listed on the webstore is IN-STOCK available for next day shipping !
We will still be taking orders for custom frames via Email , all orders received will be started on the 1st of the following month and completed in a 30day delivery time .
Please take a second to check out the new Big Cartel site !!

Reaper Components -
I have started a component company with two business partners called Reaper Components Everyone involved in this project are very excited about the product we have coming out .
The first series of products are our new Reaper hubs ( pictured below )
These hubs are loaded with new features and spin smooth all day long !
Check out the Reaper Facebook page for all the latest product and Team updates .

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Steveland cleaner Rev-2 Web ad


Peep the new prototype Pepe's been testing , once we finalize everything we will post details .
This is a teaser from your friends at Ganrcotix and Nem-Pro .

Happy New Year !

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year -2011 !

I haven't been on Blogger for a wile and I apologize , we have allot of new products and bikes on the way on 2011.
For thoes of us that don't follow us on FaceBook Please LIKE us for all the daily updates .

As a teaser here's a shot of Pepe's new Prototype TrackFighter REV-2

Monday, September 13, 2010

New bike !

Here's a shot of the Touring bike I made for myself over the summer , I think it came out looking great and riding even better !
As always I could have not put such a perfect bicycle together without a little help from my friends -
Big thanks go out to Aaron Huff @ Solid for making some of the smaller details a reality , Steve Rex for brazing in my bottle bosses cus were only a tig and powder shop and I'd burn my house down if I had a torch , My amazing employee Joe for throwing down the sick stainless beads on this one ! , Sherwood and Teresa @ Ventana !! , Advanced Composites / Wound Up for making me a super bad ass custom fork , Steve @ Euro Asia for taking all my crazy parts calls , Josh @ Bob's for fining me the NOS Flight seat , David and KAren @ Thomson for the support as always ! , KEith and MAtt at Bicycle Planet Folsom , Aaron Ryan and the entire crew over at PAcific Outdoor equipment for the support you products ROCK !!


Build list -
Frame - Custom Nemesis Project " World tour "
Fork - Wound up custom - all black
Headset - Nem-Pro 45x45 integrated
Stem - Thomson 100 x 10
Bars - Deda MAgic
Tape - Deda
Ends - S&M bar tabs
Shifters - DuraAce 7900
Cranks - Dura Ace 7900
BB - Chris King
Chain - Yumea
Rear Der - Shimano DuraAce 7900
Front Der- Dura Ace 7900
Seatpost - Moots Ti
Seat - Sella Italia Flight Gel Ti NOS
Seatclamp - NemPro stainless
Brakes - Bruce Gordon

Wheels :
Rims - DT TK540 ( mavic open pro pictured, not suggested for touring! )
Hubs - DT 240s
Tires - Vittoria
Rim tape - Velox
Tubes - specialized

Extra's :
RACK- Tubus COSMO stainless
Water bottle cages - King stainless
Panniers - PAcific Outdoor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chas has a new bike -

Last week Chas won the custom Triple Triangle frame I made for the Rad MAssaker race . I had to stop by the city to help get this rolling last saturday and afterward Chas sent me this photo wile out on a ride , bike looks great man !
Big thanks go out to the kind folks over at BOX dog bikes for letting us use their work stand to get the frame rolling !
Also check out TCB courier if your even in the city and need something delivered , you might just have your lunch, dinner or gourmet veggie snack delivered by this very bicycle !

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rad MassaKer 10 - Done right !

Yesterday was the annual RadMAssaker race out in Berkley put on by Blake and Ryan and they did a amazing job this year!!!
I have to say this is the most legit fixed gear race I have ever attended !!
Weather in the mid 60's and sunny , great corse layout , impeccable planning , a race Tshirt you wanted to wear, end of race BBQ with real food and pretty much 0 problems or complaints that I saw all day long = a perfect day !

People starting to show up about an hour before the start , I had to leave early to get up to my checkpoint so I missed the start of the race.

We donated a custom Triple Triangle frame for the winner -
Not sure who was going to win this with Walton out of town for the summer and I didn't see Daniel at the start so I was still hoping someone showed up with hopes of adding another one off custom to their bike collection.
I drew some severed body parts on it with colored sharpie's , sorta the theme of the race.

My checkpoint was located at a organized protest against Arnold's cut's of assisted home care for disabled residents of Californian called Arnieville. Really messed up when you think about it some of these people can't leave their homes and now the states cutting their medical care coverage .
They had a giant Arnold erected in the middle of one of the major street in Berkeley with a semi permeant tent city for the protesters .

The requirement for the stop was to draw a severed body part on the ground with colored chalk , after people started making the stop look like a slasher porno flick the protesters saw the drawings and got a little upset .

The finish BBQ was the best part -
Prize table fully stocked .
Another shot of the bike and Blake manning the grill in the backround.
The grill yes thoes are all bacon cheeseburgers !

In the end a great time was had by all and Chas won the bike - first fixed , first mens finisher on a beater bike with flat bars and no grips . Enjoy the new frame man you earned it !